Fiscal Management


Time Sheet
After School Activities Form


Travel Authorization


  • Obtain approval at least 6 weeks prior to travel, from the appropriate Manager for Instruction & School Leadership and the Manager of Governmental Relations/Elementary Initiatives (for funding confirmation).
  • Complete the Travel Authorization form and give it to your immediate supervisor along with a complete brochure of the conference. A downloaded brochure is acceptable. Be sure all costs: registration, meals, hotel accommodations. . . are included in the documentation.
  • Individual requisitions in the amounts provided by: a) the hotel, b) the travel agency and c) the sponsoring conference or organization should accompany the out of state travel form.


Out of state travel by air/train/bus

This is the registration cost for the conference. Call to check on conference registration availability. If they allow you registration without a PO number, make sure you clearly indicate this on the requisition that you are pre-registered. However your attendance is not guaranteed until the Superintendent authorizes the travel.


  • Check on line or call Sullivan Travel for price of plane/train/bus tickets.
  • Do not book or pay for any tickets.
  • Call the hotel to estimate transit cost to and from the transit terminal.

Contact the hotel for room rates (be sure to include hotel taxes and any other fees). You may need to reserve a room under your credit card number if rooms are limited. Be sure you can cancel your reservation before putting it on your credit card. If travel is not approved the district will not incur any costs. If travel is approved by all levels of administration, the cost, if any, will be reimbursed.


  • Union personnel receive $20 per day ($3 breakfast; $5 lunch; $12 dinner).
  • Non-union personnel should check the meals reimbursement form on file in the
  • Federal Programs Office.
  • If any meals are included in your conference they will be deducted from your daily meals allowance.


Out of state travel by car

  • An out of state travel form must be completed If you are traveling out of state by car.
  • When travel is completed a mileage form should be submitted and include mileage, tolls and parking.
  • For registration, hotel accommodations (if any) and meals, follow the same procedure as listed under out of state travel by air/train/bus.

$0.575 per mile is the current allowable rate.

Ask for a receipt at each toll booth. Submit original receipts for reimbursement. No reimbursements are allowed without original receipts.

Ask for a parking receipt. Submit the original receipt for reimbursement.
No reimbursements are allowed without original receipts.

Once your immediate supervisor signs the travel form it will to be sent to the Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent for approval and signatures. The traveler will be notified once the Superintendent approves and signs the travel form. The traveler can then make all necessary reservations.



Mileage is reimbursed to staff who must travel between schools and/or to meetings conferences or seminars within the city or state as part of their job requirements.

An Excel mileage form is available on the WPS website, Business Office Forms and Documents section.

Mileage forms should be submitted at the end of each month. The allowable rate is $0.575 per mile.

Tolls are reimbursable if original receipts are submitted with the mileage form.

Out of city parking is reimbursable with original receipts. No in city parking is reimbursable.

Mileage can be calculated using odometer readings or the mileage chart listing distances between schools. "Guessing" does not work. Travel forms are returned if mileage is not accurate.

When traveling out of state, mileage (tolls, parking) should be submitted on the pre-approved Travel Form. No out of state travel will be reimbursed unless approved before hand.

Time Sheets and After School Activities Form

All time sheets must be accompanied by a After School Activities form that includes the activity content, date, time and number of staff attending. This form must be approved by your immediate supervisor/principal prior to the activity taking place. This form must be stapled to the time sheets for individuals or groups. All time sheets must be signed by the principal or appropriate administrator before they can be processed.

Group Time Sheets

Time sheets for WPS personnel should be completed and submitted to your immediate supervisor within 2 weeks from the completion of the workshop, curriculum meeting, activity. . .

WPS personnel receive a stipend for after school tutoring, mandated professional develop, curriculum work and some committee work. Before you initiate an activity, be sure the activity 1) is appropriate for payment of stipends and 2) there are funds available to support the stipends and 3) the activities meet grant priorities, objectives and allowable expenditures.

Time sheets should be typed and include the name of the grant and account number, the participants’ names, social security numbers, the hours worked (including specific dates and times), and the salary rate.

Administrators $35
Teachers $30
Instructional Assistants $10 or their hourly rate*, whichever is more (school year rate)
$12.50 (summer rate)

Separate time sheets should be submitted for administrators (principal, assistant principal, site administrator), teachers, instructional assistants, and long term substitutes.

If you are working with school based grants and time sheets are submitted, the person responsible for submitting time sheets must follow the procedures above.

*Account clerks can get the IA hourly rates for you


Supplement not Supplant Policy

Worcester Public Schools
Supplement not Supplant Policy
(OMB Circular A-133)
updated August 6, 2014

All funds for Title I and Title IIA must be used only to supplement funds that in the absence of those funds be made available from non-federal sources.

IDEA Part B, 21st Century, Perkins and Title III funds must be used to supplement
state, local and other federal funds and not supplant such funds.

Supplanting is presumed if any of the following three conditions apply:

  1. Grant funds are used to provide services that are required to be made available under other Federal, State, or local laws;
  2. Grant funds were used to provide services that were provided with non-federal funds in the prior year;
  3. Grant funds are used to provide services to some children while those same services are also provided to other students with non-federal funds.

Compliance with the Supplement not Supplant Requirements will be reviewed (on an ongoing basis) by the Superintendent of Schools, the Chief Financial and Operations Officer, the Manager of Grant Resources, and other relevant staff as designated by the Superintendent.

This policy is reviewed annually. It is included in the Worcester Public Schools Grant Procedure Manual and posted on the Worcester Public Schools Grants Management webpage.